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Marathon Power

500VA / 850VA


The new Sprint Series DIN Rail AC UPS is an industrial-rated uninterruptible power supply that features a wide operational temperature range in a compact package. Using the latest micro-controller technology, the unit provides mitigation from power quality issues that adversely affect critical loads found in industrial automation, process control and other similar applications.

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X Tronics is pleased to announce that we are now representing PULS, LP in Canada.

PULS is specialized in the development and manufacture of DIN rail power supplies. The privately owned and managed company is known for its pioneering spirit, dedicated to perfection and innovative ideas.

PULS is the only company in the world focused entirely on the development and production of DIN rail power supplies. They concentrate their engineering knowledge, resources and energy on one goal: To be the best in this technology. As a result of this focus, they deliver the highest standards in terms of efficiency and quality that delight every customer who uses PULS Power supplies.

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PULS Products

Highest performance. Numerous variants. Full featured.

The DIMENSION family unites all the technological achievements PULS has made in the past 35 years. For our customers this means the highest efficiency, longest service life and – of course – the smallest dimensions in the market.

We are continuously advancing the The products are classified in three series: Q , C and X with 1, 2 or 3-phase input and a power of 80 to 960W.





X Tronics is pleased to announce that we are now representing celduc® relais in Canada. celduc® relais is a leading player in the global industrial automation market, manufacturing Solid State Relays, magnetic proximity sensors and power transformers.

Founded in 1964 and located in Sorbiers, France, celduc® relais are recognized in nearly 60 countries with an established network of sales subsidiaries, specialist distributors and experienced representatives.

celduc® relais, are global experts in solid state relays and magnetic sensors, producing more than 1 million relays each year which are sold worldwide, helping to promote French industrial expertise and “100% made in France” quality.

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The HGuide i300 inertial measurement unit (IMU) is the newest and smallest member of Honeywell’s suite of non-itar, micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) IMUs.

The HGuide i300 IMU utilizes proven inertial sensor technology originally created for aerospace applications and is perfect for customers who require an advanced precision inertial solution on land, air or sea. Also, this IMU provides accurate and dependable guidance, control and pointing capabilities under the most demanding environments.

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New EC series is ideally suited for material handling, AGV’s & off-road vehicles

APEM has launched the first compact emergency stop switch with an integrated connector for easy mounting. Available with solder lug terminal or a connector for easy integration, the EC series has a standard Ø22 mm diameter bushing. This ergonomic emergency stop switch is vibration-resistant and ideally suited for use on material handling, AGVs and off-road vehicles.

The EC series emergency stop switch is currently the only estop on the market with a connector terminal. Mounting is significantly easier and safer as the connection between the switch and the cable bundle is immediate. The limited under-panel depth and 22 mm diameter bushing makes it the ideal emergency stop switch for applications where compact design is required.

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X Tronics is excited to be representing Q Light in Canada. Q Light’s expertise in the field of signaling devices has grown dramatically. Since its founding in 1986, Qlight has developed into a dominant force in the industry and is recognized as the leading specialist in signaling devices. A flexible production system capable of building a variety of products to fit the expansive application needs of customer today.

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QWCD is an LED strobe light and sounder with lens enclosure that functions as a light globe and speaker horn. It can produce 31 built-in sounds and 31 user-defined external sounds(SD card) while featuring excellent protection rating of IP66, suitable for vessel and heavy industry applications

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Warning lights and electric horn configurations. Smart electric horn/ High siren buzzer (Max.105dB).
  • Wall mount multifunctional signal devices
  • Combination of warning light and buzzer allow for both visual and audible signal transmission at once
  • Buzzer type siren horn supports Max. 105dB
  • Built-in strong buzzer
  • Materials : Housing-ABS, Resonance chamber-ABS
  • Ambient operating temperature : -25°C to +50°C
  • Protection rating : IP65

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  • Modular LED steady/flashing signal
  • The addition of modules and change in color arrangement can be achieved without the use of tools by using the Lock-type structure
  • A variety of mounting brackets selections for the pole mount type
  • Built-in buzzer available
  • Available in customized 2 sound buzzer type and high volume(105dB)
  • Can be used with NPN open collector transistor driven input, which allows direct connection to a PLC
  • Ambient operating temperature : -30°C to +50°C
  • Protection rating: Standard type-IP65, Built-in buzzer type-IP54

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