Powerful Power Solutions with X Tronics

Powerful Power Solutions with X Tronics

Our product knowledge and application expertise make X Tronics the natural choice for your Power Solutions. View our latest innovative and efficient solutions for Power Supplies, Power Protection and Power Quality.


Line Interactive UPS With True Sinewave



True on-line, double-conversion technology with power factor correction. These models are deal for the most critical and sensitive applications where the best level of power protection is required. Connected equipment is not only immune to even the slightest power fluctuations, but is also protected from other power anomalies such as spikes, surges, noise, extended under- and over-voltages, harmonics and frequency variations.

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Marathon Power’s Sprint Series DIN Rail AC UPS is an industrial-rated uninterruptible power supply that features a wide operational temperature range in a compact package. Using the latest micro-controller technology, the unit provides mitigation from power quality issues that adversely affect critical loads found in industrial automation, process control and other similar applications.

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PS6R High-Performance Series



Power Supply 480W 24VDC Din

Expandable and space-saving switching power supplies. High efficiency reduces operation costs. Plug-in output modules for additional output voltages. Plug-in branch terminal module for additional terminals.

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Metal Frame Power Supplies



PS3V Power Supply 30W 24VDC

Suitable for downsizing of equipment. Compact & efficient switching power supplies. Operates in a wide temperature range from -25 to +70°C. Suitable for use in a wide
temperature range from cold to hot environment. One step wiring. Safe and efficient push-in connection.

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PowerSonic BTP 12200

The PSL-BTP-12200 is part of our Bluetooth lithium range of LiFePO4 batteries which combines proven lithium iron phosphate technology with an intelligent I management system (BMS) and Bluetooth connectivity, delivering a battery that lasts longer and can be monitored with a smart phone and other smart devices.

The 12.8V 20Ah smart battery is the ideal solution for users who have batteries in hard to access locations or in critical applications where the battery needs checked for peak performance.

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THE PULSE – The Future of Battery Energy Storage

PowerSonic PULSE

  • Charge batteries from the grid during off-peak times without increase in demand charge
  • Use stored energy to power circuits when there is usually peak demand
  • Lessens volatility and flattens the load profile during highest charges of the day and charging batteries again during evening/low demand times
  • Example: with EV chargers, a battery can reduce demand charges and increase output power enabling fast charging in areas with limited to no grid supply

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Electronic Circuit Protection


The PISA multi-channel electronic circuit breakers with DIN rail mounting are designed for current distribution and protection of DC 24 V load circuits.

The PISA electronic circuit breakers distribute the current of large power sources to multiple lower current output channels and therefore allow for smaller wires to be used.

In the event of a fault, the electronic circuit breaker reliably switches off the channels and protects the loads.

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FIEPOS (Field Power Supplies)


The decentralized FIEPOS power supplies with high protection classes IP54, IP65 or IP67 were developed for flexible use directly in the field.

With FIEPOS, short for FIEld POwer Supply, PULS presents a new type of power supply that was developed precisely for decentralized applications: A field power supply with protection class IP54, IP65 or IP67 that is available from stock, is easy to install and flexible enough to meet the diverse requirements of modular factory automation.

In short, PULS field power supplies are the alternative to a power supply in the centralized control cabinet, decentralized on-site control box or a customer-specific solution.

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Efficient, compact and reliable DC-UPS from PULS ensure highest system availability. Our uninterruptible power supplies are available with capacitor storage or VRLA batteries.

The DC-UPS with integrated electrochemical double layer capacitors are fully maintenance free and guarantee an uninterrupted power supply for periods measured in seconds.

The DC-UPS with external VRLA batteries feature the PULS’ 1-Battery-Concept: This means each battery is individually charged and monitored, which avoids the need for matched batteries and ensures longest battery life.

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