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X Tronics offers a broad range of automation and control solutions from plc's, hmi's, operator interfaces, motion controls and software

X Tronics delivers a comprehensive product offering to meet your unique automation requirements. For more than 15 years, X Tronics has delivered solutions that keeps automation operations powered and productive. Whether it’s a power conditioning application or a level control solution. We have the technical expertise to provide the right solution for your application the first time.

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  • Automated Conveying
  • Automotive Factory Floor
  • Machine Control Solutions
  • Material Handling and Conveyors

PLC Micro Smart FC6A

PLC Micro Smart FC6A

The next generation IDEC MicroSmart FC6A Plus PLC stretches performance beyond micro PLC limits! With its 2,060 I/O capacity, this PLC can control large machines or entire small-scale manufacturing facilities, providing more capabilities for even the most demanding applications.

Operator Interfaces

IDEC’s operator interface products offer a perfect solution for your display needs. Bright LCD touch screens deliver crisp images, with powerful configuration tools that allow you to easily create a user-friendly and powerful system, enhancing your “Human Machine Interaction.”

  • High Performance Series – Sharp Displays with Excellent Clarity, Brightest in the market. The High Performance series of touchscreens are high definition TFT LCD displays with resolution of SVGA 800×600 pixels (8.4” to 12.1” display) and VGA 640 X 480 pixels (5.7” display).
  • Enhanced 5.7” Series – The NEW HG2G Enhanced Communication HMI, a significant upgrade to their previous 5.7 inch model. The color version of the HG2G Enhanced Communication HMI has a resolution of 65,536 colors via its TFT LCD screen and a brightness of 500 cd/m2.
  • Compact 4.3” Series – The super-bright 4.3” HG1G TFT LCD series of touchscreens offer a high resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, and a vivid 65K color-display with a brightness of 800cd/m2. With most of the features and functionalities found in a larger screen, including remote monitoring and control and an FTP function, HG1G also supports multiple communications – up to four protocols simultaneously.
  •  Basic 4.6” Series – The HG1F’s super-slim design has only a 35.3 mm panel depth. And it can be mounted horizontally or vertically to fit your needs; the programming software supports both orientations. If you need to fit an unusual size panel or just want more choices, you’ll have a readable display either direction.

Motion Controls

IDEC Corporation and AMCI, an established supplier of motion control systems, have partnered to address this issue by offering a simple yet highly capable stepper motion control system. This AMCI by IDEC product line includes controllers, stepper motors, a combo controller+drive, a combo drive+stepper motor, and the 3-in-1 controller+drive+stepper motor. When combined with an IDEC FC6A PLC and its embedded motion control software modules, these products allow users to quickly and simply implement single- and multi-axis motion control in a wide range of industries and applications.

Ethernet Switches

The SX5E series offers a fast, 5-Port Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch with a wide range of operating voltages (AC and DC) and operating temperatures. With a compact, industrial-grade design and rugged metal housing, this switch is suitable for installation in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations and for industrial applications in harsh environmental conditions requiring an IP30 degree of protection.

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