About Us

X Tronics is the leading Canadian Manufacturer’s Representative

With sales support across Canada, Xtronics brings a unique product offering to the Industrial, Automation, Medical, Transportation and Energy markets. When it comes to sensing, switching and power applications, Xtronics provides unique solutions and expertise that is unparalleled in the Canadian market.

Sensors, Switches, Power, Interconnect

X Tronics’ key partners, HoneywellSolaHD,  APEMAmphenol  and Kongsberg are best in class manufacturers providing a broad range of solutions in sensors, switches, power and interconnect products. Whether it’s a pressure, speed, position, humidity, or accelerometer sensing application, X Tronics can provide a solution that will meet your requirements.  Everything from sensors working in severe applications to commercial consumer electronics.

When it comes to power, our partner SolaHD is a best in class manufacturer, providing a complete range of power solutions for a broad range of applications. Everything from power supplies to DC-DC power converters, designed to work in industrial and severe applications.

X Tronics is also the premier supplier of  joysticks for industrial and mobile applications. APEM (formerly CH Products) and Elobau  provide a complete product offering with a variety of outputs including, digital, USB, analogue, and can-bus output.