About Us

X Tronics is the leading Canadian Manufacturer’s Representative

With sales support across Canada, X Tronics brings a unique product offering to the Industrial, Automation, Medical, Transportation and Energy markets. When it comes to sensing, switching and power applications, X Tronics provides unique solutions and expertise that is unparalleled in the Canadian market.

Sensors, Switches, Power, Interconnect

Our exclusive partners are best in class manufacturers providing a broad range of solutions in sensors, switches, power and interconnect products. Whether it’s a pressure, speed, position, humidity, or accelerometer sensing applications, X Tronics can provide a solution that will meet your requirements. Solutions that work in severe applications ranging from Rail Mass Transit to Industrial Automation.

Providing a complete range of power solutions for a broad range of applications. Everything from power supplies to DC-DC power converters, designed to work in industrial and severe applications.

X Tronics is also the premier supplier of joysticks and HIM solutions for industrial and mobile applications. Everything from sealed pushbutton, toggles, rockers, anti-vandal switches.

With over 20 years of interconnect application experience we offer everything from circular, custom medical and Milspec connector solutions.