Littelfuse Commercial Vehicle Products

Heavy-duty truck, bus, off-road equipment and farm machinery manufacturers rely on Littelfuse to ensure their customers’ vehicles and equipment perform under the harshest environments. Littelfuse offer heavy-duty OEMs a diverse mix of standard and custom engineered solutions for their electromechanical switching, power control and circuit protection applications. Read More

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The 75920 Series Battery Disconnect Switches are high amp capacity, IP68 sealed, heavy-duty products that provide reliable emergency power cut-off. The switches are designed to be used up to 300 A at 12 Vdc or 200 A in 36 Vdc applications, which allows you to apply the switch in a variety of vehicles. Applications include vehicle electrical systems such as heavy truck, off-road, construction, emergency vehicles, material handling, refuse collection, mining, agricultural or marine. Read More

Features & Benefits

  • High amperage capacity: 300A at 12V DC.
  • Can be used in high side or low side applications.
  • Waterproof and dustproof to IP67. Which means the switch can be mounted in exposed locations.
  • Composite engineered polymer housing will not rust or corrode. Tested per SAE 1455 for salt, calcium chloride & magnesium chloride.
  • Large red knob is easy to operate with gloved hands; 90º switch travel makes it easy to identify the switch position.
  • Built-in lockout satisfies OSHA requirements for an energy isolation device.
  • Attractive styling suitable for in cab mounting close to driver.
  • Large divider on base prevents accidental shorting of high energy cables.
  • Fits standard Master Disconnect mounting pattern


The MDB series is an internally bussed, water-proof and dust-proof fuse holder developed for high current loads, and harsh conditions, and is well-suited for near-the-battery applications. It can be configured with 2 or 3 MIDI® fuses and mounted in exposed locations to fit your design. The MDB series fuse holder includes the cover seal and M5 thread bolts for a fuse installation. Cable seals (grommets) are optional and fuses are sold separately. Read More

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof and dust-proof – can be mounted just about anywhere that suits your application
  • Designed for high current loads and harsh conditions making it excellent for near-the-battery applications
  • Can be configured with 2 or 3 MIDI® fuses
  • M5 threaded bolts and cover seal included; cable seals optional


The Littelfuse HWB60-AL Hard-Wired Box is the perfect fit for accessory circuits and overflow circuits from your main Power Distribution Module. For smaller vehicles, this unit is an ideal solution as a main vehicle module. It features durable construction, and IP67 Rating and a compact size. With the elimination of internal bussing the user can customize their own circuitry utilizing direct wire-to-component connections.

Features & Benefits

  • The elimination of internal bussing allows user to customize their own circuitry with direct wire-to-component connections.
  • Accepts any mini (280 style) circuit protection component.
  • Compact size allows the unit to be installed in vehicles with limited space.
  • Ideal for accessory circuits, overflow circuits from main PDM, or as a main module on smaller vehicles.
  • IP67 sealed units can be installed virtually anywhere on the vehicle and stands up to road splash and salt spray. Read More


An extensive series of ignition switches that can also be used as rotary switches. Made of rugged engineering grade plastic, these switches stand up to mechanical shock and vibration, and will not corrode or rust. Has an integral Deutsch-type socket to make electrical connection quick and easy, and to exclude moisture and dust. Read More

  • UL-recognized. tested to SAE J259 for ignition switches.
  • Suitable for a broad range of voltages: 10A at 12V, 5A at 24V, 3A at 36V and 2A at 48V DC.
  • Contacts are sealed front and back to IP67 (with connector installed).
  • Many options available: 2- 3- or 4-position, with keys or actuator; with or without boot, various key code options, with or without anti-restart or spring return.
  • Some options (2 keys are provided with each key switch):
  • Single tumbler key code only – all locks are identical.
  • Mixed key codes. 200 random key codes.
  • 10 mixed key codes.10 random key codes.
  • Soft touch knob 81397.
  • No lock, no knob. Switch has 1/4″ D-shaft only, to accept customer’s knob.
  • Chrome-plated die cast lever 81254 instead of lock.

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